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Raising investment for your startup? We are experts in early-stage fundraising and can help you sharpen your pitch deck and craft a winning strategy for raising investment.

Fast Roast

For founders who need feedback on design, structure, and content to get the attention of investors.

Written feedback: A general overview of the deck within 3 days.

Plus a 45-minute call to discuss the feedback in more detail.

Full Roast

For founders looking to smash their fundraising goals.

Detailed feedback on each slide of the deck within 3 days.

Plus pitch practice session & fundraising strategy review in a 2-hour call.

We Are

Amar Chauhan
Georgina Hollis

We are Amar Chauhan and Georgina Hollis . We have raised millions in seed capital over the years from prominent angel investors.

We successfully closed a £500,000 pre-seed round within 72 hours, we had no prior experience, no network, just one hell of a deck and a killer pitch. Subsequently, that startup received several acquisition offers and was eventually acquired by Sky (Comcast) within 16 months of launch, offering investors 7 x return on investment. Making it one of the fastest and most successful exits in the UK that year.

Following the success and exit of our first startup, we established an angel network. The network has fast become the largest not-for-profit angel network in the UK. With a combined net worth of £500 million, our sweet spot is pre-seed and seed startups looking for between £150,000 - £750,000. We are sector-agnostic and have an incredible success rate.

As a not-for-profit, we have introduced this paid-for service to help keep our angel network free to access. We see over 100 decks a year and understand exactly what angel investors are looking for.

How It

Step 1

1.Send your deck

Choose your roast option, pay, and then email a PDF version of your deck.

Step 2


You will receive written feedback from us within 3 days and a Calendly link to book your feedback call.

Step 3

3.Raise investment

Improve your deck based on the feedback we have given and smash your fundraising goals.

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